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I have been a user of Grecian foam for years and have not been pleased with the performance. I have used your YOUTHAIR creme for ONE WEEK and am totally amazed and thrilled. Your product does EXACTLY what the box says it will do. Truth in advertising is a rare thing. Your ad is totally true.

Generally when I find a product I like, it disappears from the marketplace. I have already bought an additional four bottles of your product “just in case.”

Thank you for an exceptional product.

Dear Youthair,

Two summers ago I remarked to my neighbor (by the pool) that he looked well, an older parent with a young family. “Had I noticed he was wearing his hair longer?” Not really, but he seemed tanned and healthier than I’d ever noticed. In conversation he mentioned a hair tonic that was remarkable and the name of your product which he’d purchased at a drugstore. I was surprised and somewhat curious.

Being a lifelong skeptic, I was suspicious of some miracle restorative but asked about chain drugstores with no results. One day, after examining my progressively graying-to-white hair, I went online to find the name of the product I remembered faintly and found your website. I took a chance since the price was nominal.

Quickly received and applied, I was fairly impressed that my short-cropped hair “took” the melanin and forgot the applications even as my hair went back to my sandy-brown color of twenty-years-hence. Women I knew regarded me differently and one or two remarked what an astonishingly handsome color my hair was: now a sandy-brown blondish-streaked mass. 20 years ago I remember compliments like that but it’s a long time since! I’m well over 50 (and nearing 60)…it’s a real ego boost having people think I’m just 40!

Thanks for the amazing product at the right time in my life!

Nick Marcus (name changed to protect the innocent)
South Florida



Love your product. I started going gray at 40 and the girls just
didn’t like it. With youthhair, my natural dark brown color returned,
and so did the girls. I used to think my personality was the problem,
but I guess it was my gray hair! Now if you could just come up with a
product called nomoredebt, I will really be in good shape! haha


Gene Whitman


I can’t thank you enough for your product. My hair stylist has been after me for years to cover my gray hairs, but I didn’t want to end up with fake looking reddish purple hair like hers and I didn’t want to have to go for a root touchup every few weeks!

When I was a child, my hair was the color of old copper pennies. People asked my mother if she colored my hair. So I wasn’t sure how Youthair would work.

I have the additional problem that I regularly get my hair straightened. Treating the gray hair with a straightener is a problem compared to the remaining hair. Gray hair is more wirey, and coarser, and the straightener needs to be kept on longer. But that seriously risks burning the normal hair. So I was looking for something that would restore some softness and texture to the gray hair (as well as color).

I like to apply a combination of the liquid and a super-creme. The super creme is very thick. The liquid is too runny. So the combination is perfect. I pick one 32 hour period during the week to put the mixture on and leave it on.

Youthair doesn’t fully restore every single gray hair. But instead of old-lady blinding-white gray, I now have strands of warm blonde here and there, and it makes ALL the difference! I love my hair color. There are blonde and red highlights as well as some darker brown strands all over my otherwise medium warm brown head of hair.

The only issue is – when I go for a straightening, much of the restored color fades, so I have to restore it again. During the straightening process, the hair cuticle is opened up, and it makes my hair temporarily look solid black! One time this happened it frightened the lady who was straightening my hair, but she knew I was using restorer and I told her I thought it was okay. When the cuticle is sealed up again the color returns to normal, or a bit faded in the gray areas. What the straightening process will do is not really a problem, just something people need to be aware of if they use Youthair and also get their hair straightened.

– Susan Barretta


Youthair is GREAT! It knocked at least 20+ years off my looks!
Being Gray at 42 just made me look and feel older than I should.
Youthair changed all that! In no time my hair was restored to it’s original color and I feel younger! It’s EASY. The girls seem to like it too!
K. Fisher
Nova Scotia


I was very skeptical about trying this product, although it had been recommended by a friend. It truly works. I’m a 60 year old African American women who had worn a wig for years my hair was very thin and dry from not letter my hair breathe and had greying around my outer side of my face. I purchased the purchased both the Super Youthair, Creme and Shampoo. It worked as it stated. I threw away the wig and wear my hair in a short Afro. The texture of my hair is wonderful, something that I didn’t expect. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful product. I’m telling all my friends where to get it.

Gloria Shavers, Baltimore , MD


Hi ~

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Youthair —
it is fantastic!

I used both the creme and the liquid together, applied it mornings
after shampooing and also nighttime before bed, and it worked
beautifully…within one week.

I am so impressed!

I’m getting a lot of compliments on my hair color, without grey roots
showing, and I tell everyone about Youthair.

You have a winner with this amazing product!

Thank you!

~ Diane Tishkoff



I believe that your product is causing my hair to grow and feel thicker. All of the gray is not gone yet. It has only been over a week since I started using it. I see a difference in the texture of my hair. I thank you so much

Barbara Forte


Just thought I’d let you know about my experience with
Youthair products. At first I was very skeptical of
all the claims I thought were written by their slick
advertising department but I must admit the products
are effective. It took almost 4 weeks for me to notice
any visible color change (not 14 days) but it did
happen & I was pleasantly surprised! In fact, I got a
haircut yesterday & my barber commented since he
thought I had my hair dyed since most of the darker
hair was clipped off in the process revealing lighter
colored roots but I feel certain with continued
treatments they too will regain my original hair

This is NOT a paid endorsement for any product but
please inform Youthair Management to feel free & send
any checks if they must.

Thanks for your fine products!



To Whom It May Concern,

This product is great. I have used the cream for a year. The color is definitely my natural brown color of days gone bye! This product is so easy to use, and unlike dyes with the extreme mess. Also those color mouse creams give you racing stripes down the side of your face when you sweat, and stain your shirts. Youthair is the best product I have used.

My only wish that I had found it years ago. Thank you Youthair.

Best Regards,
Richard J Dolan



Simply an amazing product!!

I was visiting a friend in Brasil some 10 years ago and remarked how good his hair color looked for his age. He was 67 and his hair was totally black, then he told me about Youth Hair and I have been using it regularilly ever since. I am now 85 years old and with nice blond hair thanks to your product.

I am of Scandinavian descent and had very blond hair until it started turning gray at about 50. One interestig development is that my hair seems to be growing thicker as the top of my head has been quite bald but is now gowing fine, thin hair!

THANKS for a great product,

L .Sten


Dear Youthair,

You have a good product. I bought some a few months ago, mainly because
it’s cheaper than Grecian formula and Just For Men. I started using it
(it’s a little smelly because of the sulfur) and it does work, but I still
have to use a hair dressing.

The reason I’m writing is that your product has cured my dandruff! I’ve
suffered for years with dandruff and had to avoid black or blue shirts and
jackets, but now that I use your product (just a few times a week) my
dandruff is gone! What’s up with that? It’s more effective than anything
I’ve tried on the market or “home” remedies like vinegar and Listerine.

Just wanted to let you know. Keep up the good work. What is it the sulfur?
I know everyone has a different body chemistry, but it sure works for me.
You have a life-long customer…

Jeff from Ohio

Jen from Topeka,

Your products are very good. I started about three months ago and saw some results the first week. After about a month the grey was gone. I am thankful for your products and your online customer support which helped me along the way. Your usage guide and complete directions and instruction was very informative and took much of the guess work out of the experience. Thank you.


Youthhair Company,

The Shampoo is so nice. I think it really did relax my hair and lets the youthhair do it job. By the way my gray is under control and I like that a lot.

Barbara from Billings



My friend strongly encouraged me to get Youthair. Every time he would see
me he would say, you ought to buy some Youthair. I ignored him until he
said that he would sell me an extra bottle that he had. I bought it and
bingo. I sure liked it. I liked the way my hair felt and of course the
change of color too. I have used Brylcream for years and now I found
something even better in Youthair. Enough said. I really like the product.

Cheers R. Stanley

I am now a user of your products for a second year. I have experimented with many different products and have come to a conclusion. When I used just one style of Youthair, like just say the crème or liquid alone, I had limited results. But, I found if I used lets say the Super Youthair crème one day or two days in a row, then switched to the liquid style for a day or two, than continued alternating between the two, my results where unbelievable! My gray is completely gone…roots too. Nice.

Peter M. form Tampa


Mr. Nomoregray:

I am 68 and as you may guess I had some gray hair. This did not bother me
much but a friend at the gym tried encouraging me several times to order
“No More Gray”. I pacified him by listening to him but he was still
persistent. Then one day he had an extra bottle with him and reluctantly I
gave in and bought it from him. Wow!! What a difference in just a short
time. I was not pleased with just the color but with the nice feeling of my
hair and scalp. A week or so ago I ordered 3 more bottles of the Cream.
Now, I must look like the handsome Prince. Keep making the good product. I
am now trying to sell my Sister about your product but she is digging her
heals in. I will keep trying.

Regards from the U.K.


Just a quick note to share with you my experience with Youthair.

I previously tried hair dyes (professional and Just For Men) and learned that I had severe allergic reactions to the dyes………oozing blisters and trips to the emergency room !!!

I decided to try Youthair after reading some of the testimonials. I have been using Youthair for two weeks and my wife simply hates it………..because she likes my “distinguished looking” grey hair !!!! After one week she asked me if I was using “my stuff” and she said that my hair was indeed getting darker. She really does like it now and is happy that I tried it.

I am absolutely thrilled with Youthair as it was my last resort in getting rid of the grey…………that is unless I wanted to continue with trips to the emergency room !!


Rex G.


Dear Youthair,

I ordered your crème style products last year and although they worked pretty good, the smell was too potent. I think it’s the sulfur that has the odor. I know it’s a necessary ingredient but it was too much. I read your page “Liquid vs. Crème” and found out the liquid did not have that heavy smell. You were right!!! It worked out much better and still keeps my hair looking younger. Keep up the good work.

Dave Z.



Several months ago I ordered 3 eight ounce bottles of youth air crème. I must admit I felt it was probably a waste of time and money but since it was so inexpensive I thought I would give it a try.

I am here to tell you your product is absolutely fantastic! I absolutely love it and the results are truly remarkable. I will be 59 years old in a few days and people are always telling me” you look so young.” I just returned from my 50th class reunion where I received more compliments than I deserve.

Of the three bottles I ordered my best friend who is 7 years younger insisted I sell him a bottle which I did. My brother who is 23 years younger than me insisted that I give him a bottle which I of course gladly gave him. The one bottle I kept and have used for over three months still has over 6 ounces left in it. I mean how much more inexpensive can it be.

I tried dyeing my hair before and it looked like it had been dyed. Quite frankly I was embarrassed by the results and couldn’t wait for it to grow out. Also after two days the grey roots were apparent. This does not happen with youth air!
I am going to order several bottles of the 16 ounce crème just as soon as I determine how many my family and friends insist upon.
Please feel free to share this testimonial with others.

Sincerely, Mike Cain…Detroit


I had tried everything from dye jobs to the other brand, but nothing looked as good, nor was as easy to use as Youth Hair. The best thing I can say is that my best friends wife wanted to know what I was using so her husband would start to use it when he turned 41, (He was completely gray). Two weeks went by and he now has no gray. The product is superior to anything I’ve ever tried and allowed me to be discreet about it. Thanks!! stu


Dear Youthair,

I am writing this letter to tell you just how pleased I am with your product. I began using it about three months ago when my hair was about 50% gray. I am in my mid 30s and just thought I was too young to have that much gray. Since using your product, I have slowly but surely, gotten most of my natural color back. I have left some of the gray on the sides for a more natural look. The color change was very gradual and no one noticed the change! (except for a person I hadn’t seen in 6 months). I feel more youthful and much less self-conscious. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product.

Jack R. Barlow
Greencastle, PA


Youthhair Co.,

Thank you for getting my own color back. I was fed up with the hair dyes and the cost of it. Now I don’t have to worry about a two week “gray growth” where everyone knows I colored my hair. It looks so natural. Thanks again.

Ron M. – Seattle


I must admit, I was very doubtful of your product at first but since using it, I am truly a believer. Being in my early 20s and having grey hair was not something I wanted. I tried other similar products but they really didn’t work like they claimed. Now after using Youthair for two months, I have my grey hair under control. That’s the key word, Control.

David Blanchard


Donna Taylor
Knoxville, Tenn.

Dear Youthair Co.,

I just had to write you this note to let you know just how pleased I am with your product. I tried tints and dyes and so many other products that all had their problems and costs. Youthair is wonderful! The amount of money I was spending each month was getting out of control. I was feeling trapped in a routine I couldn’t escape. Youthair allows me the freedom I needed as a woman on the go. I don’t have to worry about salon appointments or the color fading out or a dye line on my hair after a week or so. Thank you also for your customer support along the way. It was appreciated greatly. Donna


Dear Ascend,

My gray is finally under control. I didn’t think it would actually happen, but it did. My results were noticeable the first week. Maybe I’m just lucky. Anyway, it worked. Thanks.

B.F. Mitchell
St. Paul, MN