Youthair Shampoo

Hair Color Solutions by Youthair® – Companion Youthair Shampoo

Thank you for visiting our web page relative to our Companion Shampoo & Relaxer. Unfortunately, due to the recent lack of availability and expense of some key ingredients in our Shampoo & Relaxer, it has become increasingly difficult and too costly to manufacture and therefore we have decided to no longer offer this product. Although this item was the ideal companion to our Youthair products for it’s intended purpose of relaxing the hair shaft and making it more “receptive” to Youthair, it will no longer be available online or in any of our outlets.

However, you can substitute for this with many “gentle” style shampoos which you can find in most local outlets as well as online. Johnson & Johnson, White Rain, Suave, Redken, Herbal Essence and many others offer a “soft & gentle” style shampoo without the harsh chemicals that some shampoos contain. These type shampoos will be just fine for removing the Youthair from your hair when it is time to do so but will keep the hair shaft relaxed and receptive for the next Youthair application for maximum effectiveness. Also, the cost of these alternate products will be similar to the Companion Shampoo & Relaxer and many of them most likely will carry the certain “scent” of what you might have been used to with our products.

We regret this decision and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you going forward and will continue to work on maintaining a very high standard of quality on all our other Youthair products.