Super Youthair

Super Youthair® – Super Grey Hair Solution Currently not Available  / Back Ordered

“Youthair’s Strongest Formula”

superyouthNow from the makers of Youthair® Crème and Liquid, comes the most powerful Youthair® product of all for your hair color restoration. Introducing Super Youthair®.  Super Youthair® is a crème style hair product (liquid vs. créme) similar to the regular crème style Youthair® which is available in the 8 ounce and 16 ounce sizes. Super Youthair® is available now in the convenient 10 ounce size bottle with a flip top cap for ease of dispensing just the right amount you need.

As mentioned, Super Youthair® is similar in many ways to the regular Youthair® crème products (liquid vs. créme) but is superior to the regular crème in restoring your natural hair color due to the concentration of the ingredients required to activate and maintain the color change process. You can expect to see results in less time than with the standard crème style products. Once your color is restored, you will not need to apply as much product or as often as you would with the standard crème style.

Super Youthair® is also the perfect application to use in conjunction with our Companion Shampoo & Relaxer which is designed to make your hair more “receptive” (more on “receptive” hair) to our Youthair® product line. As always, if you are not fully satisfied with Super Youthair or any of our products, you can take advantage of our Unconditional Guarantee.